The Bible Has ‘Much to Say About Money and How to Use It’

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.

Christians struggling with debt and other money-related issues can look to the Bible for advice on financial management, famed Evangelical Pastor Billy Graham advises in a post-Christmas Q&A.
Graham, 97, suggests in the Q&A published recently that God cares about the financial well-being of all people, as “He is concerned about everything that concerns us.”
“The Bible actually has much to say about our money and how we ought to use it,” Graham says, adding that the Holy Book acknowledges that “no matter how rich or poor we are, we should use our money wisely and thoughtfully. We also must guard against using it only to satisfy our selfish desires; instead, we should use it to meet our needs and the needs of others.”
“The Bible reminds us that everything we have comes ultimately from God — including our money. As King David prayed, ‘Everything comes from you,’ (1 Chronicles 29:14),” Graham adds.
Graham also offers practical tips for managing one’s budget, especially around the hectic holiday season, advising readers to plan a budget before purchasing gifts and not allow themselves to be swayed by the wrong motives in purchasing the gift.
The Evangelical leader concludes by adding that the sooner Christians look to God and put Him center in their lives, the sooner they can make productive steps toward erasing their debt.
“The Bible has lot to say about where to put your treasure,” the younger Graham wrote in a Facebook post recently, adding, “The greatest treasure you have is your soul — it lasts for eternity. Jesus said ‘for what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?’ (Matthew 16:26).”
“Is your soul secure? Have you turned to Jesus Christ in repentance and trusted Him as the Savior and Lord of your life? If not, I urge you to do that today — don’t wait another minute. He’s the only sure thing there is,” Graham added.

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