Melaye Vows To Die For Saraki

dinomelayeSenator representing Kogi West in the National Assembly, Dino Melaye has vowed to die for Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who is undergoing trial for false declaration of assets.
Melaye declared that Saraki, despite the allegations of corruption hanging on him, must remain in office for four years.
Melaye made the vow and declaration via his Facebook page, on which he posted a picture of himself and Saraki.
“My brother and friend Sen. Bukola Saraki, if you have 1 trillion supporters, I’m one. If you have one billion, I’m one. If you have one million, I’m one. If you have one thousand, I’m one. If you have ten, I’m one. If you have only one supporter, I’m one. And if you have no single supporter, it means I’m dead. No shaking. Four years too sure,” he wrote on Facebook.

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