SOKAPU Youth Leader Resigns His Appointment Over Alleged Evil Govt. Policies Against His People

kaduna-sokapuNational Youth Leader of Southern Kaduna People Union, SOKAPU, has resigned his appointment with Kaduna State Government over alleged evil policies of the Nasiru El-Rufai led government in Kaduna State. The youth leader made this known at a Press briefing in Kaduna. According to him his action is to enable him fight for the freedom of the Southern Kaduna people.

Read The Full Statement Below:


Fellow southern kaduna youth, ladies and gentlemen of the Press, I just tendered my resignation letter with the Kaduna state government because my conscience leave me with no other choice. I have sensed a conspiracy by the government of the day to cage me, put a gag on my mouth and to make me docile and voiceless. This has informed my decision to put up my resignation letter so as to stand with my people, to raise my voice against prejudice, social denigration and denial. As such, and I repeat, I have resigned my appointment as I move to break the silence and to speak from the burnings of my own heart, as I call for radical departures from the destruction of southern kaduna.

At a time like this when Southern Kaduna people are faced with so many subjugations, silence is betrayal. The mission to which the southern kaduna youth called me is a most difficult one even when pressed by the demands to break the silence, especially now that we have found ourselves in the hands of an evil organisation that act without conscience, morals, human dignity and respect for rule of law or fear of God. I am greatly saddened by the anti- people policies of Nasiru EL-Rufai towards the good people of southern Kaduna . EL-Rufai woke up every day to manufacture very harmful and demonic policies to cripple our will and spirit. Recently, El-Rufai announced his intention to build Grazing Reserves across communities in Southern Kaduna.

By so doing, he wants to cohabit ate us with the-same strange and volatile Fulani that have been attacking defenceless communities in Southern Kaduna. Since the Fulani started their barbaric activities somewhere around 2010, they have burnt down over 500 houses and killed over 2,000 lives (mostly women and children). As we were preparing for this press briefing, we received a distress call that suspected Fulani militia have attacked Nintie and Hayin Gada communities in Jama’a Local Government of Kaduna State killing scores with many sustaining various injuries. In addition, El Rufai’s land reclamation Programme in the state has failed to see governance as a continuous enterprise.

To buttress my point, Governor Ibrahim Yakowa of blessed memory set up a committee and issued a government white paper that explicitly created a boundary between Gbagyi Villa and Kaduna Polytechnic with a sketch plan produced and signed by the Surveyor General of Kaduna State. But, in a cruel display of power, El-Rufai had sworn with the Qurán to demolish the area even when the matter was still pending in court. This shows that the Governor has no respect for the rule of law. And if El-Rufai has made land reclamation a central agenda to his government, why is he not laying claims to the National Eye Centre, Kaduna Polytechnic’s encroached land at Tudun Wada Campus, the flood plains at Kigo Road, National Institute for Trypanosomiases Research and the Kachia Grazing Reserve? The so-called Kachia Grazing Reserve which was established by the federal government for the purpose of reducing cattle and farmers clash has now been converted for the building of estates and other business interests by influential Fulani burgeoises.

The Grazing Reserve is not only dubiously converted, but the Fulani have produced a fake gazetted document that reads 70,000 hectares against the known 30,897 hectares proposed by the government and this has never attracted El- Rufai’s attention but, he is losing sleep over a previously settled matter at Gbagyi Villa. Since his assumption to office as the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, no any visible development has been recorded in Southern Kaduna. Apart from Grazing Reserves that he forcefully wants to establish in Southern Kaduna and the planned demolition of Gbagyi Villa, nothing meaningful has been done to us. Recently, the Federal Government announced its plan to build six Federal Universities across the country and one was allocated to Kaduna State. With all the federal higher institutions in the northern and central parts of the state, El-Rufai never deemed it fit to site the university in Southern kaduna in order to attempt to address the deficits in government’s presence, suffered over the years by the people of the region.

Apart from that, his political appointments are skewed against our people. No wonder, he told the whole world in a Television interview that the population of Christians in the state is a minute 30 percent as against the staggering 70 percent Muslims. This is a blatant manipulation of facts, which is a dent on the intellect of El-Rufai because he assumed figures rather than using empirical facts. Finally, I am happy to see a new spirit rising among us which we must trace its movement and pray that our own inner being be sensitive to its guidance, for we are deeply in need of a new way beyond the darkness that seem to engulf us. We must all be aware that every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and genuine struggle. To this, I call on the youth of southern kaduna not to succumb to the temptation to use violence in our struggle for freedom, but we must relentlessly speak until the day that all their evil plots fail while equity and justice prevails. Let us break the silence and be dissatisfied until no inch of land in southern kaduna is given for grazing reserve.

Silence is betrayal; let us be steadfast in our actions until Gbagyi Villa is treated without bias and finally comes to stay without threat for demolition. Let us be relentless until the day that appointments are given not on the basis of religious and sectional sentiments. We must break the silence and be unyielding until the day that unequal development base on religious and sectional differences come to an end. Silence is betrayal, therefore,

I am urging you to break your silence and speak, your voices is important, don’t fear their evil; remember there is creative force in the universe, working to pull down the gigantic mountain of evil. Let us remember that there is a divine power capable of suppressing their stubborn will and melting their rebellious hearts. As we break our silence I urge us to pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means. It is necessary we love peace and sacrifice for it. Thank you for listening.


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