CAN Task Donald Trump to Check ‘ungodly acts’ in US

703691Donald Trump emerged as the 45th American PresidentDonald Trump emerged as the 45th American President

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has congratulated the government and the people of the United States on the just concluded general election, especially, the President-elect, Donald Trump on his unparalleled victory.

President of CAN, Dr. Samson Ayokunle in a statement in Abuja tasked the newly elected US President to address all the ungodly practices and social ills associated with the United States and pray for divine guidance for him.

“We pray for him for God’s guidance in leading the great nation of America. It is our desire that he would use his God-given executive position to address the extreme nominalism, moral breakdown and police racial brutality that are fast manifesting in the United States of America,” Ayokunle said.

He said: “The gun culture is another evil requiring the urgent attention of this soon to be inaugurated administration together with sodomic tendencies in public life”.

He bemoaned how the country that is regarded as God’s own descended into a state of decadence in the name of civilization and urges the President-elect to restore the lost glory of the country.

Ayokunle who is also the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention said: “The US, known as ‘God’s own country’ should not descend into becoming the headquarters of satanic activities in the guise of embracing humanism or enforcing the principle of individual liberty. Humans must not be allowed to become gods to themselves.

We equally urge the president-elect to love all nations and relate cordially with them in order to engender world peace. We urge him to forget the bitterness of the campaign period and close ranks with the opposition for the progress of American nation.”

He also acknowledged the peaceful atmosphere of the US while the election lasted especially the absence of all electoral malpractices that are identified with elections in Africa.

“Americans had decided through their votes and thus made all of us proud by the peaceful way the election went. There was no police intimidation of voters neither was there any over-zealous and desperate politician attempting to rig election. The way the election was won and defeat conceded was a great lesson to politicians in Africa,” he said.



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