Take a Closer Look at the Graffiti on Those Tricycles, Taxis

By Danjuma Auta

Have you ever stopped and pondered about some of the inscriptions and graffiti you often see, especially on cars, trucks and tricycles that are always plying our roads?

Keke Napep with Grafitti

Keke Napep with Grafitti

The fact is that they are not just mere inscriptions but graffiti that have deeper meanings that really and truly matter to the owners. Some of these inscriptions could explain certain life changing events and religious beliefs of the individuals; some are written in the person’s dialect so as to better explain the meaning of such words.

Phrases like ‘Bishara Ikon Allah’, ‘Sa ido Sana’an Banza’,  `In God we trust’, `I shall not beg for bread,’ `No Condition is Permanent,’ `Now is my harvest year,’ `No money no friend,’ `I Go dey Hail,’ `Rotsu kyan inshein,’ and `Bene Nn- Kla’re,’ among others, are some of the inscriptions you see all over Nigeria on a daily basis.

Today’s Challenge went into the city of Jos to find out from the drivers and other citizens about these inscriptions and what they make of them. Below are some of the responses we got…See April 2017  edition of Today’s Challenge Magazine for the full article.

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