‘2019 will be Tough for Most Politicians Unless…’

Hon Joshua Izang Madaki is member representing Jos-East in the Plateau State House of Assembly where he is the Chief Whip. In this interview with our reporter, Danjuma Auta, he speaks on the present administration’s efforts to stabilize the country and what Nigerians should expect in 2018…

Sir, the present APC government came into power with the slogan of ` Change.’ Do you think that this has been achieved?

Well, to start with, you see, change as we all know is not automatic, it is gradual. It is true that the past two and a half years of this administration have not been easy; the present political dispensation in Nigeria has witnessed a lot of dramatic changes and a lot of challenges. I am aware that when this government came with the slogan of change, it is true that Nigerians were expecting magic. Of course when you say you want to change something, the people would expect something better than what they had. The expectations of Nigerians at that time could only be imagined, up till today, we cannot say they have been fully met, but the government has tried in some areas while it is still working hard to address others. It must be said that a certain price needs to be paid by Nigerians for this country to move forward.

Starting from the Federal Government, you know for sure that the issue of corruption has been there, it is something that had become second nature to Nigerians, irrespective of whether it is government, the private sector or religious organizations, everywhere you go you would find corruption. But today, the war against corruption has been yielding results, the criminals are being traced and moneys are also being recovered in billions of dollars. This achievement has revealed to Nigerians some of the bad leaders we had who have contributed to destroying Nigeria. And, let me tell you, even if they would want to come back and rule us again, their bad records will speak against them, I want to assure you that Nigerians are wiser now.

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