Groups Bemoans Poor Political Leadership in Nigeria

By Ralph Madugu

IMG-20180913-WA0004In its continuous efforts towards the mobilization of Nigerians for the common good, the Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN), which affiliates  include National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) and Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (AFD), has held a conference in Lagos tagged THINK NEW’.

In a communique issued at the end of the conference held in Lagos, signed by the Conference Chairman, Solomon Asemota, SAN, members expressed great reservation and misgivings over the poor quality of leadership offered at all levels of governance in Nigeria and decried the culture of corruption and mediocrity that is fast becoming the norm rather than an exception.

The conference deliberated on critical issues including restructuring of the country politically, financially and culturally which participants agreed, must be a key issue in political campaigns towards the 2019 polls.

The confab emphasized that the 2019 elections should be contested on the bases of clear political ideologies and manifestos complete with timelines for implementation.

Participants also resolved that all the new presidential candidates and new political parties should meet regularly before the elections to fashion out workable proposals leading to consensus.

It was resolved that THINK NEW should be promoted by all new political parties to awaken Nigerians to the crucial need to raise new leaders for the country and that the ethnic nationalities should be actively involved in the meetings of the new political parties to ensure that all classes of people in the society are involved in the negotiations.

The conference also observed that elite opinion molders, particularly religious leaders, should be circumspect about exposure and relationship with politicians and political office holders so as not to send out conflicting signals that would hinder the goal of raising new leaders in the country.

Participants noted that the current political class is irredeemably corrupt and incompetent hence the need for Nigerians to vote a new generation of leaders in 2019 to replace the current ones.

They called on Nigerians to develop a new mindset that places merit above tribalism, ethnicity, religious affiliation or nepotism in order to elect competent people into leadership positions.

Members pointed out that politics of intimidation, cultism, “godfatherism” and financial inducement in which the highest bidder becomes candidate must be condemned and discontinued.

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