Our Biggest Asset is Our Christian Ethos-CMD, BHUTH

Prof. Edwin Eseigbe-Chief Medical Director, Bingham University Teaching Hospital

Prof. Edwin Eseigbe-Chief Medical Director, Bingham University Teaching Hospital

Prof. Edwin Eseigbe is a Professor of Paediatrics and the current Chief Medical Director of Bingham University Teaching Hospital, (BHUTH), Jos. He spoke exclusively to this magazine about the Nigerian healthcare sector and other sundry issues. Excerpts:

How would you describe the journey since your assumed office three years ago?

It has been so many things. It has been interesting, challenging in the aspect of fulfilment. But most importantly, it has provided me the opportunity to superintend over the provision of excellent healthcare delivery services to not only the indigenes of Plateau State, but Nigerians and even foreigners. It has been fulfilling.

What have been your major achievements so far?

In the last three years, BHUTH has witnessed significant growth and development. In the area of infrastructural development, the completion of the new main gate of the hospital, completion of the maternity/labour ward extension and the reactivation and modernization of the fuel dump. Other developments include the establishment of the Centre for Child and Adolescent Health and Development (CCAHD), the completion and equipping of the new Emergency Paediatric Unit (EPU), the establishment of the Community Health Officers (CHO) Program, renovation and expansion of the Accident and Emergency Ward, hosting of the first branch/cash point for Gowan’s Microfinance Bank Limited and general facelift of the hospital premises. Currently, the renovation of the General Outpatient Department is ongoing likewise the expansion of the Lassa Fever facility.

In the clinical aspect, BHUTH has produced six fellows of the National/West African Post Graduate Medical Colleges in the Faculty of Family Medicine. We have also contributed significantly to the production of over 200 medical graduates of Bingham University. In fact, one of us, Associate Prof. Musa Dankyau, is the current Chief Examiner, Faculty of Family Medicine of the West Africa College of Physicians. Similarly, Dr. C Akude, a consultant family physician and the hospital’s infectious disease head, was appointed into the National Lassa Fever Technical Working Group by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control. I was also appointed as the National Technical Advisor on the Anti-Tobacco Use and Smoke exposure in childhood by the Paediatric Association of Nigeria. Other achievements in the clinical aspect include the provision of curative and rehabilitative services to thousands of women with Vesico Vaginal Fistula. BHUTH is also foremost and reputable center for the provision of care to patients with Lassa Fever and has a yearly international collaboration with a visiting team of ear, nose and throat surgeons from the USA. In the course of their stay, they provide clinical services in the hospital, including carrying out cochlear implant surgeries.

What are the healthcare services that are unique to BHUTH?

Generally, we provide a wide range of general and specialist healthcare services. We train undergraduate and post graduate healthcare providers as well as conduct research for the advancement of medical science in Nigeria and the world in general. These services are in the area of paediatric healthcare, maternal, obstetrics, surgery and medicine. Specifically, Bingham University Teaching Hospital has acquired the reputation for being able to manage certain disease conditions. These conditions include infectious diseases like Lassa Fever. As you know, we are one of the famous centers…indeed Lassa Fever was actually first discovered at the then Evangel Hospital, now Bingham University Teaching Hospital. Therefore, we have this extra-ordinary capacity to manage this condition and we have had good outcomes in the past. We are also a center of repute for the management of patients with Vesico Virginal Fistula (VVF). Where management of cases have failed in Nigeria and some countries in our sub-region, they have been refereed to us and we have done very well. And there is also provision of the oncological services. We have carried out more than four cochlea implants this year. So, we provide excellent oncological services. But basically, we are providing excellent services with regards to general medical practice and specialist services.

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