MURIC Should Be Called to Order-NCGF

NCGFThe attention of the Nigeria Christian Graduate fellowship has been drawn to a letter written on January 6 and received January 13 addressed to the Senate president by the Muslim Right Concern (MURIC) calling on the National assembly to approve the use of hijab in the military and paramilitary institutions in the country.

We would have ignored this letter as a ranting of an ant, but for the recent pressure on the legal profession by the same group which saw the body of benchers cave in and destroyed the legal tradition of a uniform dress code for law graduates called to the Nigerian bar.

If we and the rest of the nation keep quiet, we may wake up and see that the national assembly like the Judiciary have acquiesced to this incendiary step capable of destroying the military institution.

We therefore call on the Senate President and the National Assembly to discountenance this call and throw the letter into a shredder.

When MURIC said its interest is the interest of Nigerian public, it carried the meaning of the word “public” too far. It should have known that Nigeria as a corporate entity has many publics whose interests could be divergent. The interest of Nigerian public at this time cannot be the use of hijab by the military and paramilitary institutions. Except MURIC convinces us that it will contribute to the most wanted defeat of Boko Haram and the defeat of the Fulani herdsmen terrorists. Two organizations rated as the most dangerous terrorists groups whose roots are in Islamic religion.

We also know that what MURIC is canvassing for cannot be in the interest of the entire Muslim ummah, particularly those who are enlightened and understand the uniqueness of military profession and tradition who will not support this myopic view of the military as an arm of Islamic hegemony.

We can only say that MURIC is speaking for Boko Haram who perhaps, has advised on the need to differentiate Muslim soldiers from others to avoid them killing their fellow Muslims in the military.

MURIC should know that it is wrong to use State institutions to further the interest of one religion against others in a multi religious society. This letter is one too many by bigots attempting to use State institutions to further the jihad. We advise MURIC to stop evangelism through subtility and use universal and moral strategy of persuasion. This is what religions worth adhering to use as instrument of evangelism. The use of force, violence, falsehood and subtility as instruments of evangelism portray his brand of Islam as weak and incapable of winning converts as it cannot ordinarily appeal to any man. Any religion that depends on sheer brute force, shedding of blood and criminality lacks attribute of a true religion.

We once again call on the National Assembly to discountenance this letter with a warning to those using state institutions, whether Christians, Muslims or others to propagate their faith to desist forthwith.

We note that the systematic erosion of traditions and values of state institutions on the altar of religious bigotry will destroy our national heritage. Yesterday it was the legal profession, today the siege is on military institution. We are aware that the group has concluded arrangement, should the National Assembly reject the request to approach the courts where Tanko Muhammad is already seated to do what he is good at. We warned that any attempt to use the Judiciary to entrench Islamic culture in the Nigerian military and other allied institutions would be vehemently resisted by Nigerians.

We find it difficult to understand why Nigerian Muslims would like to be more ” Catholic than the pope”. Is it possible for Nigerian Muslims to be more Islamic than several predominantly Islamic countries like Algeria, Morocco who have either banned or restricted the use of veils in official service.

Why must MURIC and Nigerian Muslims make Nigeria look odd in the comity of nations.

It is unfortunate that while groups are proffering solutions to intractable security challenges, MURIC is occupied with mundane issue of dressing.

Haba! MURIC.


Prof Charles Adisa                             Mr Onyenachi Nwaegeruo

National President.                                  General Secretary.






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