Sin, Arrogance, Disobedience to God Responsible for COVID-19, CAN President 

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Dr. Samson Ayokunle has said that arrogance of humans against God and constituted authority, sin and all sorts of wickedness are responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. Samson-Ayokunle-Reverend-and-President-of-CAN (1)

Dr. Samson Ayokunle, also identified other factors to include ungratefulness and the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ.

The CAN President who made the declaration in Abuja, opined that pride and arrogance against God was because of advancement in technology which, unfortunately, made man feel he could do things without God and thus become ‘god’ to himself.

He expressed unhappiness that technological advancement which ought to have made the world reverence God the more as the revealer of knowledge, has made people of the world see themselves as gods.

In his special Sunday sermon on a cable television, New Frontier TV, titled: Looking unto Jesus: I Shall Fear no Evil.

Said he: “As in the case of the children of Israel, the arrogance of man against God and lawfully constituted authority led to God’s anger and judgement over the people. People say anything today against God and against the Word of God.

“The Holy Scriptures injunctions which are God’s commands no longer matter to people of the world. We query the validity today of the Word of God and equally deliberately act against it. All practices that would make us worship and reference God are avoided or abandoned under the guise of fundamental human right.”

The cleric alleged that in some advanced nations, anything about God must not be mentioned in any public event.

“In Nigeria, violence has become a daily occurrence. Beginning from the wickedness of armed robbers to religious terrorists such as Al Qaida, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, ISIS, etc. We equally have the violence of banditry and Fulani herdsmen attacks everywhere in the nation. People are slaughtered or kidnapped to be slaughtered or for ransom. The wickedness of ritual killing for money making and fraudulent practices all over the world especially our nation Nigeria is alarming. People including believers walk about half naked like insane people and even dress like that to houses of worship to pollute many. Promiscuity is everywhere. We have greatly sinned against God and he has sent to our midst a fiery serpent!”