Coronavirus Is a Clear Natural Disaster not a Biological Warfare-NCGF

By Ralph Madugu

The Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship, NCGF, has said that the current coronavirus pandemic is not a biological warfare by any nation or group against another but a clear natural disaster that has come upon the world where a virus has left its natural animal host to invade humanity.

NCGFNCGF made its stance known in a 10-point resolution at the end of its online family meeting on COVID-19 held on Monday 23, March 2020, signed by the National President, Prof. Charles Adisa and the General Secretary, Onyenachi Nwaegeruo

The fellowship described the pandemic as one of the fulfilment of biblical prophecies of the end time occurrences that will bedevil the world as predicted in the book of Revelations.

It added that NCGF is conscious of the fact that the Church which is the body of Christ is still on Earth hence, the full wrath of God against sinful humanity cannot be fully unleashed now, lest the righteous suffer with the wicked.

While commending the effort of the states, Federal Government and the international community in combating the pandemic, it however, expressed dismay that the Nigeria government was not proactive enough to shut the land, sea and air borders of the nation on time adding that if that was done, the disaster would have been mitigated.

However, we call on all Christians and Nigerians generally to obey the directives of governments on measures being put in place to curb the spread. These include social distancing, restriction of movements, gathering and meetings above 50 people as well as hygienic practices like hand washing, and use of PPE by our health professionals.”

While urging Christians not to panic or be afraid, they should rather continue in prayer to God to save us according to His promises in Psalm 91 as well as use this period to evangelize the lost who have no hope that there is hope. It pointed out that no human effort can bring perfect solution to this magnitude of disaster without divine intervention and also called on all Christians to be prayerful and announced that the fellowship put in place a 24-hour prayer watch over the nation where every member will take one hour daily to intercede until this siege is lifted.

On what it termed as “the unfortunate widespread of fake news and information on possible solutions,” NCGF advised members of the public to discountenance all those information and access the World Health Organization (WHO) website for correct information on dos and don’ts and also, listen to relevant government agencies for the authentic information. It further cautioned against self-medication in any form in this circumstance.

According to NCGF, it considered the holistic implication of total lockdown of the nation should the siege persist as the Federal Government has alerted the nation to prepare for the worst and advised its members to as much as possible stockpile the essentials to avoid being taken unaware.

“Consequently, chapter leaders are hereby directed to monitor their members to ensure readiness of every member and every family to pull through the trying period. Where necessary financial help should be rendered. Should any chapter be overwhelmed the office of the General secretary should be contacted for further action.

“May we assure the church and the nation that this siege shall not last. There shall be minimal loss of lives. The nation shall not be overwhelmed. No wind or storm shall drown the ship where the master of the ocean, land and sky is seated. Rather, the waves shall obey His words: peace be still. Nevertheless, we call on the nation and the entire world to amend their ways as this is just one out of the lot that awaits the nations for rebellion against the king of Kings and Lord of lords.”


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