CRA Challenges MURIC, JNI, Others to Donate like Christians

By Ralph Madugu

CRA LogoThe Christian Rights Agenda (CRA) has challenged the Muslim Rights Council (MURIC), the Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI) and such other faith-based groups to draw a line between humanity and politics by demonstrating the love that all religions of the world preach at this critical time by donating towards the coronavirus cause in Nigeria just like some Christian organisations have so far done.

The CRA threw the challenge in a press release signed by its Interim Publicity Director, Mr. Tom Chiahemen.

In the release, which copy was made available to this magazine, NRA lamented that it was disheartening that it was after of intense agitation by majority of Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari made a national broadcast which attracted mixed feelings from Nigerians.

The group observed that it is curious that several hours after the long-awaited national broadcast, majority of Nigerians were yet to come to terms with most of the policy statements that did not seem to be well thought out.

The statement read in part: “For instance, up till this moment, neither the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs nor the entire COVID-19 management committee has shown a clear direction on who constitutes the ‘poor and vulnerable’ in our society.

“Again, Mr. President’s directive on school feeding program is rather confusing, especially when viewed against the backdrop of the current closure of all schools across the country. CRA wonders which school feeding program Mr. President was referring to, or if that was an important issue in the face of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic?”

While commending those who made contributions towards helping the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, including churches and other Christian bodies, CRA charged other religious groups to rise up to the occasion and emulate the Church.

“That specifically such religious groups as MURIC, JNI, the Izala, etc, should come out at this point to show the love that all religions of the world preach. We challenge them to draw a line between humanity and politics.

“That President Muhammadu Buhari and his team should go back to the drawing board to think out better strategies for handling the pandemic.

“That as much as human isolation appears to be the best way yet to curtail the spread of the virus, lack of a well-defined policy to ameliorate the attendant challenge of isolation can lead to greater problems. This is because alot of Nigerians live by daily earnings,” the group stated.

CRA advised government to ensure adequate availability of test kits for every Nigerian as there is no other way of knowing those who are infected.

It described the government’s decision to lock down Abuja, Lagos and Ogun states as “too simplistic if test kits are only available to politicians and celebrities” and called on the National Assembly to immediately invoke the Doctrine of Necessity and resume sitting because the parliaments of other nations didn’t close shop.

CRA enjoined Nigerians to stay safe, remain law abiding and encouraged pastors nationwide to commence a 21- day fasting and prayer to seek the face of God at this critical period in world history.


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